Why Gay Men Often Fetishize Straight Males

Why Gay Men Often Fetishize Straight Males

‘Straight Guys’ was the category that is most-viewed Pornhub’s homosexual web web site in 2018. Below are a few theories that are expert why.

What sort of porn do homosexual guys view many usually? Relating to Pornhub’s stats from this past year, “straight guys” was the solitary category that is most-viewed its homosexual web web site. The term “straight” has also been among the list of top five queries created by site visitors. In most cases, the porn they will have sought out is made from a mixture of straight males making love with other guys, and straight guys masturbating.

Now, this is certainlyn’t to claim that all males whom sleep with guys are into right dudes. As tantalizing as Pornhub’s yearly insights are, we have ton’t draw sweeping conclusions in what any number of individuals want on such basis as what are the results on a porn site that is single.

Having said that, these stats do inform us that many homosexual guys appear to be eroticizing heterosexual guys. Why is that? Here’s a glance at the theories that are major.

The attraction to masculinity

Analysis in to the partner choices of homosexual guys implies that, an average of, they have a tendency to be attracted to masculinity.

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